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Date Joined:  11/30/2014

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Species:  Meowth

Nature: Jolly

-Characteristic:  Scatters Things Often

Gender:     Male                Age:  18

Ability: Pickup


Strength:  2                Agility: 4

Intelligence: 3              Charisma: 1+2


Total Points Left: 0/10

Type Bonus:  Normal -> Charisma (Normal -> Charisma)

Species : Meowth


Move 1: Hyper Voice

Move 2: Sing- Lulls enemies to sleep with a peaceful lullaby.

Move 3: Dream Eater-  Eats the dreams of those in slumber; regains some hp back from the devoured dreams (rarely uses this move)

Move 4: Pay Day- hurls a bunch of coins at his foes for a distraction or to pummel them with.



 Template Brown Broad Rim Hat

----Description: "I am rather attracted to this brown ragged hat. Despite that Furfrou's words, I kinda like it on my head." 


-Item 2



-Item 3




Species:  Natu    

Nature: Lonely 

-Characteristic: Often Lost in Thought

Gender: Female                    Age: Currently Unknown

Ability: Magic Bounce

Strength: 4                   Agility: 2+1
Intelligence:  3+1             Charisma: 1

Total Points Left: 0/10
Type Bonus: [Psychic/Flying] -> [Psychic -> +1 in Int / Flying -> 1+ Agil]

Move 1- Miracle Eye

Move 2- Ominous Wind

Move 3- Grass Knot 

Move 4- Future Sight


Red Template Gloves
----Description: "A simple precaution in case I must grab the feline to safety. I would not like to harm the cat from my talons. They tend to be quite sharp despite my daily trimmings." 

-Item 2

-Item 3

The skies above seemed turbulent, threatening to either rain or snow any second. The chilly weather seemed to have most indoors except for a few ice types who preferred this weather highly than the previous summer weather. The berry vendors were packing up their stock, shielding them for the coming ominous weather. A lone Meowth, however, sat upon on the outskirts of the Explorer's Building, his eyes filled with longing. How he wished to the gather the courage to simply stroll inside with a bolstering confidence to seek entrance into the amazing guild. But his legs merely quaked at the mere idea, at the thought of appearing like a fool to the leaders. He was considered himself weak. There was no way they would allow such a weak 'mon like himself!

'Casper. I thought you were going in this time...,' a soft voice ushered, the quiet words weaving their way through his mind. 

The feline, Casper, ears flickered up at the sound as he seek the words belonging to that soft voice. A voice he would recognize anywhere. A soft flutter beside him caused him to flinch as he saw a small Natu take up the spot beside him, crimson eyes looking at him expectantly. 

He sighed with relief, relaxing at the bird's presence. "Ashy! Don't scare me like that!" 

The Psychic type huffed at his words, turning away in a rather snooty fashion. 'I told you to no longer call me by that childish nickname,' she reprimanded in a harsh tone. 'It is Aislin. I will continue to repeat it till you understand.'

"I'm sorry Aislin," he said sheepish, truly apologetic. The name rolling off his tongue felt awkward to him but he said nothing about it, not wanting to annoy the bird any further. Though his expression soon became sullen at the thought of the guild. "I just think... I'm not ready," he murmured, ears folding back. 

'Not ready?' The bird suddenly took flight to flap in front of the feline's eyes, startling him. 'Casper. You have been ready since that day.' She saw the fine tremor run through him at her words but she continued nonetheless. 'Do not tell me you believe yourself not ready for such a thing. Bring up the courage to go inside. I am sure they will welcome you with open arms.'

"Will you come with me?" He asked quietly, keeping his eyes on the ground. For a moment there was a mere silence in his mind as she turned pensive yet he could see the surprise clear in her eyes. Soon the silence stretched too long for his liking causing him to start fiddling with his paws. Course I shouldn't have something! How stupid of you!

she started slowly. He stopped, straightening up, anticipating her next words. 'You know I-I-I' She stopped, trying to hide the embarrassment from the connection, the hesitant note in her words. 'Why do you need m-me?'

He opened his maw to explain but he paused as he saw a Servine make her way towards him. He immediately turned nervous, rubbing his paws together.

'Why are you so- Oh.' She perched herself on the bench to see the Servine as well, mere feet. 

"Hey... New, are you?" The Servine speaks with a hint of caution, but her tone is otherwise welcoming. "Hmm, stupid question. 'Course you are. Admittedly I'm not great with this meet and greet stuff, so how about exchanging names to start things off? You first."

"U-Uh my name is C-Casper," he stuttered, face flushing. 

"Hello Casper and who is that Natu next to you?"

"She's Aislin. N-Nice to meet you!" He said quickly, lowering his head with respect. He knew who she was. Teresa, one of the recruiters in the guild. Such an honor! 

Teresa relaxed slightly, folding her arms.  "Ahh, that's great. Yeah, when you said your name just then, it had that... that "zing". It means you're serious about this, yeah? As for me, my name's Teresa. I'm what you'd call a Guild Assistant, which makes me your Serperior."

Casper crackled a small smile at the small joke while Aislin stared at Servine rather strangely. 

'A strange one she is. I told you, you can fit in.'

She stared at you with a blank face for a moment, then giggled quietly. "You know, you don't have to be so polite. I don't really care about rank and file, but I do care about honesty. If I tell a joke and it sucks, feel free to roll your eyes." She extended one of her thin, green vines and nods, expecting a handshake even though she keeps her arms folded. "So what brings you here, anyway? You from out of town, or...?"

Casper reached out to grasp the small vine lightly to give a rather weak shake of his own. "I actually come for another area. Aislin, I have no idea." He was still curious where she came from but she never gave the information to him, rather secretive. 

Satisfied with your answer, Teresa gave a small nod, withdrawing her vine, "Cool, cool... Well, whatever the case, you've got a name in mind for your group, right? I didn't get a chance to check your papers, but I do want to get more familiar with our rookie members when I have the time. I'm kinda new to this whole assistant thing, honestly."

Casper bit down on his lower lip, hesitant. That was the one thing he hadn't thought of. The two females staring at him expectantly had him scrambling for an answer. "E-Er. D-Dreamy L-Legends?" Aislin appeared exasperated by her words but said nothing. 

A smile entered her narrow features as she listened to the name, though it's ambiguous as to whether she found it inspiring or amusing for other reasons. "There's that "zing" again. Feels good to know we've got Pokémon like you joining our Guild. I guess Cassidy wasn't exaggerating when he said the standouts just keep pouring in. Just don't get cocky - confidence is good, but overconfidence in a dungeon is a quick way to get yourself in trouble, along with everyone else in your party." She tapped the side of her snout, then clicks her tiny fingers as another question enters her mind. "Oh right, this is very important - why did you want to become an Explorer, hm? Just curious..."

"I w-wanna be s-strong! Be s-something important to this c-city!" He exclaimed with vigor, his eyes glistening with tears as he placed a paw over his chest. Aislin blinked, surprised by his sudden outburst and poise. 

She listens patiently to the explanation, but as soon as you're done with the tale, she immediately begins speaking again, her words leaving her mouth more rapidly and urgently than before. "I see you understand the people come first!  There's lots of food in the dungeons, and materials for clothing and medicine! When we go out and find that stuff, it means everyone here gets to have dinner. I mean, you know that, obviously, but just don't forget!"

"Course! I will make sure they get something to eat!" 

Teresa sways her leaf-adorned tail from side to side and taps her foot, momentarily distracted by her own thoughts, a wanting grin plastered across her face. When she snaps back to reality, she lifts her snout into the air and clears her throat. "N-not to sound standoffish, but what exactly do you do, anyway? What skills or talents do you have to offer the Guild? Everyone's good at something, I think."

He paused, his energy draining at her question. What could he offer up to plate? "I c-can help others r-relax? E-everyone needs a n-nice relaxation more?" He offered meekly. "O-Or maybe I can help c-carry stuff? Y-Yes I can!"

Even before you've finished properly answering, Teresa clicks her fingers and purses her lips, as if hearing that mythical zing yet again. "I can just feel it, you do what you do and do it with everything you've got. 'Cause in this guild, when a giver gives, then the giver gets... gotten... gets give-- eh, well you get what you give, or something. Whatever, it's written down on that big plaque in the hall. Just do your best and come see me if you need any help."

Sounding much more cheerful than when she'd first approached, she gives you a little wave and turns to immediately engage another group of recruits nearby, no doubt asking them similar questions. The life of a Guild Assistant must be a busy one.

Team Dreamy Legends - Written PMDU App

Certain Info will be done here. 

Casper the Meowth

Role: Partner 

Height: 3 ft 3 inches

Sexuality: ??

Appearance: A non-shiny Meowth in color.  He’s more slender and lean than the normal Meowth. Instead of the typical circular shaped head Meowths are known to have, he has more of a defined triangular shaped head. He averages around 3 feet which is taller than the average. He lacks whiskers on near the top of his head and his coin is broken at the top. His whiskers at the side seem to curl inward slightly at the end. His ears are sharper and thinner than a normal Meowth, with small dark brown ears tufts on the tips of them. Though his right ear seems to flop all the time except when he’s surprise/startled. His tail is always unfurled. His eyes are a separate color; his right eye a glacier blue while his left is amber. He has more of an elongated muzzle than your standard Meowth. Perhaps he’s near evolution? He has lots of fur on his chest, near the base of his neck, lighter than the rest of his fur.

Personality: Casper is a rather an easy-going feline. When he first meets new ‘mons, he tends to be a little skittish till he deems the other not a threat. When that has established, he’ll slide into a conversation quite easily, becoming quite talkative. He’s often caught humming some tune he created on the spot, showing his gentle, casual, rather chirpy behavior. Oddly, he can’t find it in himself to hate others even if they deserve it rightly so. His mother is an example. He’s not much of fighter… though more of a negotiator. He tries to avoid ALL possible confrontations if he can. Often using his Pay Day to distract and flee. Though that doesn’t work, he’ll plant a devastating Iron tail in the threat’s face. If he can though, he’ll try to soothe the hostilities there. His singing voice seems to have a soothing effect on those who listens, proving to be a helpful asset.

Extra Info
-He has a special ability that’s linked with his move Dream Eater. He isn’t fond of this ability so much…

-He gets slightly skittish around intimidating, authority figures.

-He NEVERS talks about his broken coin.

-He has NEVER eaten Meat before. He finds the thought of actually eating meat deplorable but his instincts wants him to touch it… Just once.

-Favors sweet and sour food

-When nervous, his tail curls up to its natural form

Aislin the Natu

Role: Leader

Height: 2 ft

Sexuality: ??

Appearance: Questionable at this time.

Personality: A silent, resilent bird who spends her time pondering about life a tad much. She doesn't like to say much to others, rather keeping to herself often times. If she must talk, she would rather do via telepathy with Casper and have him speak for him. Till she becomes comfortable with others, she would rather stay away from the fray by becoming lost in thought. She keeps this distance because she is rather sensitive to volatile emotions due to her developed psychic abilities. If not well controlled, it bothers her immensely. She seems to hover around happy pleasant thoughts as they keep her uplifted and happy herself.




I am a young majestic Lion now. Fear mah plox
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)

    “Here we are!” Adabel cheered. She clasped her hooves together as she proudly showed the building. She eagerly waited for her son's response. She desperately wanted him to approve of her design. She sighed longingly. She reminisced on the old days. It seemed like only yesterday when he was only a little babe, huddling closely to her for her warmth. She would hold him tightly and sing a peaceful lullaby for him to sleep. He would be out for ages and she would happily continue because she simply loved to do so.           

    Brutus was lost for words as he analyzed the building. Her design was that of an old western theme. Something he was familiar with. A sudden memory of scorching heat and desert came to mind as he stared. “You styled it after home… I remember the dunes we use to cross together and the homes in the area…,” he replied slowly with an undercurrent.

            “Yes! I’m so glad to be out of that harsh desert! The lush green fields here are such an enjoyable fresh change!"

            “How did you get here? You know the dungeon route to get here was quite dangerous,” he muttered with worry. The dungeon was truly treacherous to traverse through, filled with Pokemon who roamed through hidden crevices to prey on the weak.

            She only gave a small giggle at his worry and patted his afro. “Don’t fret dear. Your mother can handle herself through even the worst of troubles. Who use to beat down those kids, when they use to pick on you when you were little? Certainly not your father!” She puffed out her cheeks before she huffed. “Your father always wanted you to fend for yourself without any help. I knew better!” She unknowingly began to caress his afro, trying to put it in some order.

            Brutus slightly grew agitated over the mention of his father, a furrowed brow each time the word was uttered. 

             “So what’s the name of your place?” Ven tossed out there as he noted his partner's signs. 

            “Why it’s Moo Groove Parlor! The place where you can get your groove on and enjoy our hearty milkshakes!” She said with enthusiasm and a wink.

            Ven covered his mouth to stifle a laugh. She can’t be serious right? Just the name had him near hysterics. Even when Brutus glared, he couldn’t keep that smug, amused smirk off his face. “That’s a… quite a lovely name,” Ven coughed, his eyes danced.

            Adabel cocked her head to the side, slightly confused by his behavior. 

    Brutus frowned at his partner’s amusement. He seemed to had enjoyed some private joke. “Excuse him. He is a little crazy in the head. Perhaps I did not knock enough sense into him before…,” he murmured slowly, a glint in his eyes.

    Ven shuddered at the tone. He turned skittish, a dew of sweat on his forehead. “Easy! It was nothing bad! I actually l-l-l-like the name,” he stuttered. He appeared pained when he said the word. The name was absolutely absurd to him but he did not want to be on the receiving end of a Head Charge later on today. Pick and choose your battles, he chanted.

    “Why thank you!” She went to hug him once more but he swiftly hid behind his partner, his lips curled up into a snarl. She merely giggled at his reaction and opened the wooden doors for them. “Why don’t you two come inside? I have the younger crowd inside right now. I’m sure you guys can mingle well,” she whispered.

    Ven’s curiosity died the second she mentioned a crowd. “I don’t have the taste to go in-.” A swift glare from Brutus had him silent. He recognized the glare. He gave a scowl not bothered to finish the sentence. He’d find some way to avoid the crowd. He lifted up his hood, his brooded crimson eyes turned dull. 

    She gave a scoff, “Don’t be so dramatic! Perhaps you two can find the love of your life in here! Who knows?” She urged them inside with a shove, the doors shut with a sense of finality behind them.

    Ven expected a  crowd like she mentioned, only to see a few inside. They murmured among themselves in their booths. Some look up at their entrance but quickly went back to their business. This was it? He only counted…10…11…12...13..14. Around 15 in the establishment. Judged by the size, he guessed it was a crowd though the large space for dancing was quite empty. “I see no one getting their groove on in here…,” he muttered.

    Adabel’s sharp hearing heard the Weavile’s comment as she busily went to the counter to whip up something for her special guests. “It’s only daytime silly. No one dances till the night. I have this awesome musician who comes to play.”

    Awesome? Ven quirked an eyebrow. She seemed to be a little too old to be saying such things. It seemed so awkward. Though his attention was soon caught by some snickering in a corner.

    “Do you see those tails feathers?” A Lombre murmured.

    “Yeah they’re so fluffy… That can’t possibly be a Weavile!” his partner, a female Braixen uttered.

    “It must be though! Look at those claws! It must be a female! It’s the only explanation!”

    Ven’s vision became clouded with red as he clutched his claws into fist. 

    The conversation came to an abrupt end, the sound of a fist slammed down on the gossipers table. The Lombre and Braixen backed away. A Blaziken merely stared at the two, eyes a blaze. “Gossip is not a nice thing to do. I believe that is a male you’re talking about there and I bet he can hear everything you say,” he murmured to the two in a lethal tone. Then his tone lowered even more to say, “I heard Weavile hunt down their prey in packs. Maybe he’ll get his pack mates to track you and have you for dinner.”

    “AHHH!!” The duo quickly leapt out of their seats and knelt in front of Ven’s feet. “PLEASE DON’T GET YOUR FRIENDS TO EAT US! WE’RE SORRY!”

    This was absolutely humiliating for the two… And Ven savored each and every second of it as they groveled before him, begging for forgiveness. He gave a yawn when he had enough of, rubbed a claw lazily against his cape and examine its sheen. “Yeah yeah. I won’t get my pack mates to eat you guys. Get the hell out of here before I change my mind.”

    The duo quickly said their thanks and immediately fled from the scene. The Blaziken gave a hearty laugh as he watched the two leave. “Ah. I don’t believe I had a good laugh like that in ages. I’m glad I could be of assistance however.”

    Ven rolled his eyes. “Not like I needed your help in the first place,” he grumbled. He had a plan to scare the crap out of those brats but they’re traumatized enough at this point.

    The Blaziken chuckled. “That may be so but it seemed like you enjoyed my method.”

    Begrudgingly, he admitted  the Blaziken’s method was more amusing than what he had in mind but he wasn’t going to openly say to it. Meanwhile he expected Brutus to say something but he noticed him having a quiet conversation with Adabel. Probably some stupid family issues… Glad I don’t have these problems…, he thought. The Blaziken’s face suddenly appeared in his vision, quite close.  He sprang back with a hiss. “Ever heard of fucking personal space!?”

    The Blaziken held his arms up in defense. “Sorry. Something caught my eye… You have a marking do you not?”

    Course the fowl would see it. “What’s it to you? It could be a tattoo for all you know,” he spat, defensive.

    The Blaziken scoffed. “I doubt that marking could be etched into your very skin. It’s very special…,” he said quietly.

    Special? Wary, he lowered his hood. Though for the first time, Ven took in the Blaziken’s appearance. The Blaziken was quite tall… Taller than him by two feet. The Blaziken had to kneel down to his level to get a good look. His V shape hair seemed ridged, worn. He also had a lot of faded battle scars. A strange marking similar to his was under his right eye as well. There was no way they could have same exact marking, in the same exact position.

    His fears were confirmed when the Blaziken sucked in a sharp breath, eyes slightly widened with some emotion he didn’t understand. Sadness? Surprise? He had no idea as the Blaziken stepped back.

    “So it is true… I thought you were lost… But here you are…”


    “Dad! The milkshakes here are great! We should come here more often!” A feminine voice cheered. A Combusken rushed her way to the Blaziken’s side, hugging his leg. She was quite small, smaller than normal for her species. She sported an abnormal feathery scruff around her neck also slightly more fluffy than the other of her species.

    “That’s great, Cherie. Can you quiet down for a second?” he said sternly, focusing his attention on the Weavile. Cherie gave a small pout but said nothing, curious about the Weavile. It must be true. The marking was the exact same as his own. But to end up in this city… He was choking on the emotions bubbling inside. “I can’t believe it… My son…”

    Ven went still inside. Son? That can’t be right… He only remembered small glimpses of his mother when he was a mere infant… When she left him…  He closed his eyes, valiantly trying to rein in his anger raging inside.  “Where is she then…”

    The Blaziken obviously knew what he meant. He turned solemn yet his eyes conveyed a different story, filled with pain, agony. “Your mother… She passed away after having Cherie…” He remembered clearly that day… How she would say her precious son was still alive when he had all but given up hope.

    Ven’s eyes narrowed on the girl. A daughter… A sister. Instead of feeling delight for her existence, he only felt scorn. She was a damn replacement to him. His eyes stared at her with such chilling animosity that it caused her to flinch and hide behind the Blaziken, trembling. “So you guys abandoned me… There was no search… Then I hear you have…” He pointed sharply at the Combusken. “You have this thing to replace me!”

    The Blaziken bristled at his words, covering Cherie’s ears. “You have no right… Your mother went out searching for food. There was a blizzard going on and she couldn’t risk being you out in the storm! No one could have known you would have gotten missing!”

    “This sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me! I doubt very much you’re my father!”

    “The mark doesn’t lie. Anyone in my lineage has the mark when they reach the final stage. No one else has it. It’s truly…unique.”

    “Unique!?” Ven skimmed the mark with a crazed look in his eyes. “Seems like a curse to me! Only one way to rid oneself of a curse! RIP IT OFF!” He poised a deadly claw above the marking beyond the point of caring.

    Cherie grabbed on his arm, tears in her eyes. “Don’t do that! Why would you hurt yourself over something so stupid!?”

    Stupid!? His pupils shrank to mere dots as he attempted to shake her off. Though her tears affected him to a point he was slightly lenient with the act. “Dammit! Get off of me! What the hell would you know anyway!?” He barked. His face twisted into a sneer, “You had your parents! While you had a nice doting family to love and look after you, I was stuck in a frozen wasteland with a bunch of twisted Sneasel pack mates trying to fend for myself each and every day!” With a final shake, she fell to the floor with a thud as she shuddered at his harsh tone. Something inside him knew he was pushing it but his seething rage would not relent.

    Suddenly the earth began to tremble beneath him, his anger lessening to replace with confusion. He glanced at the source, Brutus giving a meaningful look at him with Adabel gawking beside him. He hardly noticed the spectators who bore faces of apprehension. He was slightly embarrassed that he had an outburst in public but he hid it well as he jabbed a claw in the Blaziken’s direction. “Stay the hell away from me.” He looked down at the petite fowl before him. “That includes you too.” He lifted his head to mask his appearance as he stormed out without a word.

    Adabel wanted to go after him but Brutus merely placed a hoof in front of her. “Just leave him be. I doubt he will do anything foolish without facing repercussions,” he stated. Inwardly, he was slightly concerned. Ven was a loose cannon waiting for his fuse to be blown.

    “Maybe you should go after him. You’re probably the only one he trusts right?”

    I do not know the answer to that… He quietly observed the Blaziken console his daughter. What were the odds that he would meet a family member today? He heaved a sigh. He must always remember the odds are always stacked against him.




Midnight Travelers: Family Matters Part 2
And here's part 2. Yeah part 2... it'll give you a run for your money.
Part 1:
Team App:

NPC Adabel belongs to me
NPC Cherie belongs to me 
??? the Blaziken belongs to me

            “Excuse me!” a feminine voice called. 

            Ven glanced down with a lazy eye at the voice who called for him. Again they believe can talk to me anytime…, he thought with disdain. This time it was a Miltank, someone he had never seen before. She held a basket full of bread and apples. She had a jingling golden cow bell wrapped around her.  But it piqued his interest. He closed his eyes and waved her away. He was still tired and it was daytime.

            The Miltank huffed as the Weavile told her off. The nerve! She placed her hooves on her hips as she devised a way to get him down.  “Hey! You have seen a Bouffalant around here!?” She shouted vigorously.

            His ears twitched. A Bouffalant? She could be only talking about one person…  “I ain’t deaf cow! Sheesh!”

            Her cheeks puffed up at his words and attitude. Such a rude man! Just as she reached for the tree to give him a piece of her mind, he leapt out of the spot, landing with ease in front of her. He folded his arms; his eyebrow twitched. She gave a soft whistle under her breath before regaining her composure to jab her hoof defiantly at him. “You sir are quite rude! This is not how you your elders young man!”

            He batted her hoof away, lips peeling back into a snarl, “I don’t know who you think you are, old cow, but you will not touch me!”

            She gave a delicate scoff and reached up to stretch his mouth side to side. She gave a ‘tsk’ at his fangs not the least bit frightened by his intimidating show. “You don’t frighten me!"  "I dealt with Salamences in my day!" She said. "You don’t even compare to them!” She gave another scoff, tapping his cheeks as she backed off before he could swat her hooves away.

            Her actions baffled him. Never has a female been so forward and touched him, not fear the consequences. He was use to who females outright avoided him or simply shy away from his flippant attitude.  There was one actually as he pondered but he hadn’t spoken to her in a while. Her personality drove him up the wall. He switched tactics; his face void of emotions. “I saw a Bouffalant around these parts. No idea if that is who you-,”

            She gathered him in a tight hug, lifting him in the air with ease. “Oh you have!? Tell me! I must see him! I have to see him! He hasn’t sent me any letters so I’m a worried!” She unknowingly increased the pressure of her squeeze.  Air was hardly passing through his lungs from the intense pressure. He began panting for air, turning a strange shade of blue. “Damn! Let’s go, cow!” he gasped out as he tried to escape from her hold.

            “Oh!” She quickly released him, watching concernedly he gasped for air, digging his claws in the ground to remain in place. “I apologize! I’m afraid I don’t know my own strength at times!” This wasn’t the first time she gave someone a too tight of hug. Some even going to Cotton Guard at times. They were just too cute for their own good or she was rather too eccentric during the hug.

            Ven groped his chest as he tried to regain his breath. He glared. “Severe…understatement…cow,” he heaved between breaths.

            She puffed her cheeks once more as she helped him on his feet. “You need to stop calling me ‘cow’. I have a name. You don’t see me calling you 'weasel face'. My name is Adabel.”

              This time he allowed her to touch him without a fuss. Fighting it only made it worse. He gave a long sigh, “Ven… It’s Ven. Why are you seeking this Bouffalant? Perhaps he doesn’t want to be found.” He believed it was Brutus she sought out but some innate self-preservation inside did not want to rat out his partner to this rather jolly Miltank.

            She clasped her hooves together, eyes sparkling. “Why he’s my son of course! He hasn’t spoken to me in years! My poor baby boy! He must have forgotten to contact me within the years ever since he joined the Royal Guard! I’m so proud of him ,you see,” she rambled with a bubbly tone.

            He shied away from her excited personality. It was a little…overwhelming.  But curiosity was getting the better of him. Baby boy? She was his mother? He looked at her with scrutiny. She was the complete opposite of him. There was plenty he questioned in life and this would be one of those he would always dwell on. “Does he go by the name Brutus?”

            “Yes!!!” She cheered as she felt the sudden urge to hug the Weavile again. She had to refrain herself from touching him as she saw the obvious distaste in his expression. “So you have seen my darling boy! What is his like? Is he still in the Royal Guard? Hopefully keeping out of trouble like I asked in my letter,” she mused as she gazed thoughtfully in the sky.

            Ven said nothing as she babbled on. It must have been a few years since Brutus had spoken to her if she believed he was still in the Guard. And I am partially the blame for it… It was nothing Ven felt proud of. A rare moment he lost control. He clenched his claws tightly into fists. It was something he hoped to rectify soon. His ears twitched once more as he heard the familiar clacking of hooves. The noise was distinct in his brain. He didn’t dare turn to look when a shadow loomed over his figure. He already knew who it was and it took effort not to shudder.

            “Brutus!!” Adabel rushed over and wrapped her arms around his neck.

            “Mother?” said Brutus, completely shocked. She snuggled close in his fur. He glanced over glare at Ven who only shrugged helplessly. “What are you doing here, mother? I had not expected you to visit.”

            “Shush now! I only came because you never sent me a letter back. Oh dear! What happened to you?!” She gasped, hooves pressed to her mouth as she took a step back to take in her son’s appearance. She was horrified by the broken horn and scar over his eye. With a trembling hoof, she ran it over the broken horn, tears in her eyes. “My poor son… What happened…?,” she murmured as she moved to skim the light scar. “What would your father say if he sa-,”

            “MOTHER!” Brutus thundered, his expression livid.

            She flinched, her ears drooped as she cowered, biting her lip. Even Ven flinched somewhat at his booming voice. He never heard Brutus become this loud before. 

            Brutus reined in his anger as he tried to dispel the turbulent thoughts in his minds, his forehead wrinkled. He shut his eyes as he exhaled deeply. “I apologize. I snapped when I really should not have. It was rude of me. I should have kept in contact like I promise and for that I also apologize for.”

            Adabel began to fret as she looked down, rubbing her hooves together. “Oh no dear! I came here unannounced. I just needed to check on you. Motherly instincts die hard.” She gave a weak chuckle.  She perked up, ears erect. “Are you still in the Royal Guard?”

            He gave a slow shake of the head, his expression solemn. “No. I am in the Hunter Guild now.” It pained him to disappoint his mother.

            Her ears drooped again, eyes worried. “Was it because of the…injuries? I hope they did not pick on you because of them.” Ven gritted his teeth at her words and he turned away.

            Brutus noticed but said nothing, his attention on his mother. “No. I left for my own reasons. No one picked on me or anything of the sort. It was my decision to leave,” he stated, emphasizing the latter.

            “I see…,” she murmured under her breath. She made a discrete glance toward Ven, noting his sudden tense posture.  She lightened up, tail wagging slightly. “Dear. Do you know this Weavile?”

            “I do in fact. He is my partner.”

            Ven hid his surprise when Brutus uttered those words. Ven expected Brutus to claim no relations to him for the sake of appearance. 

            She assessed the Weavile, eyes narrowed with suspicion. “A partner?! He was so rude to me before! I don’t think he’s a suitable partner for you, dearie!”

            That much he believed was true but due to his deal. “I chose him as a partner. I hope through my endeavor that my personality will rub off on his unsatisfactory character.”

            Ven gave him sharp look. As if that will ever happen, he thought. 

            Adabel seemed pleased by his word as she beamed with pride and smiled widely. “You’re such a role model. I’m sure you can whip him into shape in no time! Dearie. I want to show you to my new Parlor!” She saw the duo faces’ wrinkle with something akin to fear. “Don’t worry! Your little friend can join us as well!” She chimed, already trotting ahead towards the city.

            The duo stared at each other in silence before switching their gaze to the eccentric cow.

            “So your mom…” Ven started, breaking the awkward silence.

            “What about her?” Brutus growled, daring him to utter nasty words.

            Ven gave a shrug. “She’s rather chirpy… and touchy… It’s gross.” He couldn’t come up with something witty to say for once. Adabel was in a whole different class.

            Brutus sighed. “Yes. She is. I would not have her any other way however,” he murmured with a light smile.

            “So sweet. Baby boy,” Ven whispered with a saucy grin. His words earned him a slap on the back of his head but it was worth it.


Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)

            Ven slowly came to an area sounded by haunting mist. Where am I…? He appeared to be floating on nothingness, unable to move. He was lethargic, his eyes scarcely moving only to see endless mist. Am I within the fog…? It explained the strange sensation he felt, as well as the spasms of pain. He could see a hefty amount of wounds and a crimson strain that coated his body. Oddly, he felt peaceful with the acceptance of his fate. That’s right… I was beaten to death… I must be dead. He never had thoughts of the afterlife while living. His thoughts were always present on how he was going to eat for the next day or week. Never was time to think about death. Now that he was here, he immediately wanted to descend to the world below.

            Fighting the heavy lethargy that threatened to consume his existence, he struggled as he raised a claw to point upward at the sky. He winced at the pain he felt from the simple motion yet he ignored it, his arm tumbling. I can’t even do a simple motion like this… How pathetic. Oh how the strong has fallen. If only he had noticed the signs earlier. It could have all been avoided. He would have never been floating on this endless plane of mist.

                A burst of light shone before him causing him to shield his eyes from its intensity. Slowly, the brightness lowered allowing him to see. A small orb fluttered around him, assessing him.

            Oh lookie what we have here… A poor Sneasel floating on the mist express to nowhere, a feminine voice sang through his mind.

            Telepathy? He assumed he was immune to all thoughts related to psychic abilities because he was a dark type. Apparently that was not true. He noted for the future to somehow to develop mental shields for this but he focused on the strange light that hovered before him. Who the hell are you?

            Rude. The light danced around him in angered fashion. Is this how you treat your savior? It gave a delicate snort. I no longer want to save you now. Ta-ta! The light floated away from him, vanishing into the mist.

            Wait!! Using the last of his strength, he leapt after the precious light only to collapse, face forward, on the ground once. A pool of crimson started to form where he lay as his vision began to fade. He cursed himself for moving prematurely.

            The light appeared once more from above to hover over his fallen form. It gave ‘Tch’ at his rash action. Not quite smart are you? You’re losing a lot of blood as well… the voice mused.

            Shut up… Even his mental voice began to sound as weak as he felt. He didn’t have much time. He took another tactic to get what he wanted. He lifted his head to deliver a smirk. I bet you can’t even save me. All talk and no- He began to cough violently, a splatter of crimson erupted from his mouth. He stared with horror at the mess. His time was indeed getting shorter.

            I wouldn’t say that if I was you. All you have to say is magic word.

            The magic word? What was it babbling all about? He had no idea what it was talking about and it showed on his face.

            What? You never heard of the word ‘please’!? It sounded dramatic even floating down to his level, moving rapidly with feign drama. You really are a primitive feral. Just say the word and I may save you.

            The voice was beginning to grate his nerves but he wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity for a second life. Please…, his voice pained.

             Very well! Suddenly the light grew bright and large, enveloping him. He felt the warmth blossom all over, his strength returning. The mist seemed to dissipate, fearing the light’s touch. As his consciousness began to fade, he could have sworn he heard the words; I look forward to our partnership!

            Ven jostled awake with a pant, sweat coating his fur. Slightly disgusted, he wiped away, readjusting to his surroundings. He was indeed at home. No longer in a misty plane with pestering light to annoy him. Was it a dream or did it really happen…? The pain couldn’t be faked yet in the dream he was a Sneasel, not the Weavile he is now. So a memory? He clutched his head as an intense headache spawned from pondering too much.

            Dammit… He glanced at the window, seeing the sun was rising. He had slept through the night. Something he never does. He dreaded idly doing nothing through the day now as he placed on his cloak to exit out his room. His claw on the knob, he cracked it open-

            “SURPRISE!!!”  Several voices exclaimed. Brutus, Anna and Rowen were at the door with big cheery expressions, holding something in their grasps.

            “UGH!” He jerked backward nearly slamming the door in their faces. His feathery scuff and hackles on his neck rose with alarm and anger as he hissed at them. He should have known Brutus would use the runts for a stunt like this. He preened down his fur before facing them, menace gleaming in his eyes. “What the hell was that for!?

            Anna grew discouraged by his harsh tone, wanting to vanish from sight. Rowen gave a defiant look to Ven, holding his sister closely, “Ya jerk! And all we wanna say is Happy Birhday!”

            Birthday…? He finally recognized what they had in their grasp. A birthday cake. He had no idea what to do with it. He saw a few on occasion bur he would have never thought to receive one. He couldn’t help but to feel… happy. He coughed in his claw, turning away before they could see the happy gleam in his eyes. He had an image to maintain. “Just set it down on the desk,” he replied as he gestured towards it beside the door.

            Rowen muttered something about not being ‘appreciated’ before setting the cake down, leaving out with his sister. Only one who remained was Brutus who was waiting expectantly.

            “What is it?” Ven growled under his breath.

            “A memory?” Brutus could easily tell something was off with the Weavile he knew. He glanced down at the bed, freshly torn anew from the Weavile’s claws. He knew Ven was never restless in his slumber unless he was disturbed by something.

            Ven said nothing, annoyed by how perceptive the bull can be at times. Brutus came over to place a hoof on his shoulder. At times, the Weavile forgot how big he was, never able to stand being this close. He had to crane to see him.

            “Just enjoy that cake. I did not waste good money for you not to enjoy.” He gave a smile, a true smile, one Ven had not seen in ages.

            Again, the hackles rose as he shoved Brutus off to focus on the window. “Yeah yeah. Just get out of here.” Why were they showing him special treatment? He was nothing but a jerk the entire time. Is this what people do on birthdays? To go out their way and show kindness? When Brutus left him alone, he quietly shut the door to stare at the cake. It was simple small circular white cake with his name on it. The red candle on top was lit a flame, hardly moving. There was even a crude drawing of him on it. It was for him after all. Something he knew he did not deserve. With caution, he skimmed the icing with a claw to stare at intensely.


            I hope this isn’t some damn prank… He gave a lick, closing his eyes to savor the taste. It was sweet, something he hardly had a taste. Yet somehow when he opened his eyes, it tasted bitter and sweet at the same time. 

Midnight Travelers: Misty Plains
Oh look at that. How I picture the afterlife... Endless nothingness with mist + strange happenings.
-For each of the 10 first people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list!
-If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone. 

(Totally grabbed this from some other folks because it looks fun to do xD)

01- :iconwritercoda:

Yes yes yes! All of my yes!!?? That's how I feel when I read this man's stuff. The way his characters interact with others is simply perfect. And the openness of the world he creates. Hnng. Makes me wanna explore whenever I read his stuff~ Totally should check him out!


Man what could I say... HER ART IS FREAKIN ADORABLE AND AWESOME. The shading, the lighting, the detail... Her style qq What I wouldn't give to draw like that... It's just freakin glorious to me plus she's a nice gal in general <3

03-:iconayyu-arku: (multi-chapter)

I haven't really truly explored his writing till recently and I gotta say I do love it. Sophia personality in general is just lovely to me and he pins it down quite well. I get a true sense of understand his characters' feelings and the world around them. Yeah it's lovely <3


This is a person I recently watched recently. I was kinda curious as who was this charismatic guy and how do I interact with him. I remembered when I passed him Theo for a writing cameo (perhaps a little shy to work with anyone at this point) but he pinned him done quite nicely. This man can draw better than me any day even if he may be just beginning to draw (I suck at drawing fyi) His writing may need a some work with descriptions from what I see but we all gotta start somewhere. At the characters are fun from what I see <3


Also another person I wanted to check cause "Hey why not?" Hurr. I blame the different font. I notice he is aspiring to be like a fellow writer I know of but haven't gotten off the lazy chair to investigate. ANYWAY I'M FREAKING RAMBLING. What caught my eye was Jekyll and Hyde. The personality of the two combined with the interactions with others amused me and made me feel for the characters more. I'm all up for Hyde <3 Lovely Hyde. 







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