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This status thing is soooo dumb

“We should take part in the cookout!” Casper chimed, staring eagerly at the Flaaffy. His tail swayed side and side rapidly as he sat on all fours. The Flaaffy barely got his bearings around the tent before he turned at the Meowth, his orb illuminating the small space with its soft alien lime glow.

“I-I don't k-know,” the Flaaffy stammered, fluffing out a pillow. “W-We only just 7

“But the cookout is tonight! I doubt they’ll hold another tomorrow. Ol’ Luke is giving out a reward for folks who are helping out! It’ll look good for the both of us! Even Lapis here can pitch in!” He gestured towards the Squirtle. The Squirtle glanced up at her name only for her to stick her tongue out at the Meowth. She still doesn't like me, huh?

Theo risked a glance at the Squirtle who went back to humming after her small act of dislike. “B-But w-we’ll be out in public… With so many other ‘mons… What if something h-happens...,” the words tumbled out before he could stop them. He hadn't meant to voice his fears but it came out nonetheless, leaving silence in its wake.

“Silas isn't here,” Casper stated bluntly, naming a protector of the two. “You gotta be able to handle things yourself now. Especially with Lapis here. I'll be there to help but ya’ know…”

“I-I have to do things myself now…” At a young age, he was always looking after himself and no one else. Shifting his attention to the giggling child playing with the sand, he bit down on his lower lip nervously. Now he was not only responsible for himself but for Lapis as well. “I-I appreciate your help,” he murmured in thanks.

Casper’s mismatched eyes shimmered. “Course! I scratch your back and you scratch mine! We both helped each other in our bad times…,” he trailed off, his tail slowly its rapid wag as his face lowered. “I thought I would never… get outta that slump. And with her…,” he trailed off, ears drooping further than normal. Concerned, Theo moved but paused as his friend quickly perked up to his normal cheery self. “It's fine though! Like I said, we have each others back!” He exclaimed, paw reaching out.

With a light smile, Theo met him halfway, grasping his paw lightly. “We do… We’ll go. I'm not sure what I-I can do but it’ll be good for Lapis to learn more…” His eyes ventured to the spot the turtle was, she was no longer there. “Lapis?!”

In a panic, he bolted onto his hooves, stomping frantically. “Lapis!” In a flurry, he rushed out the tent, calling to the youngster. He could scarcely hear Casper telling him to calm down, that they’ll find her. He was beyond listening, running along several rows of tents for her possible location.

A tiny squeal had him skidding to a halt. Eyes wide with worry, he saw the Squirtle playing with a Sandshrew of her age in the middle of a row. Heart pounding against his chest, he made his way to her, relief apparent.


The Squirtle squealed, reaching eagerly for the Flaaffy as he scooped her up.

“Don't ever leave me, okay?!” His voice fervent with worry. She looked down with regret before pointing at the Sandshrew.  “Is that your new friend?” He never seen the little guy before but the little shrew was attracted to his orb like countless others. “I wonder where your parents are…”

“Maybe they’re at the cookout,” Casper answered suddenly from the behind. Theo flinched with surprise, small sparks coming off his fleece. “Easy there. Let's bring the little guy with us. Maybe we’ll find ‘em there!”



“My baby!” A large Sandslash exclaimed, rushing towards the duo. She scooped up the shrew in her claws, holding him close. “I'm so glad I found you! And you two!” -she looked at the pair of them, eyes shimmering- “Thank you... The others thought you Explorer folk would be bad but you found my precious baby…”

“Finding things is our specialty! Even kids!” Casper was eager to say. “If ya’ have any other problems, be sure the Explores with help ya’ out, okay?”

“I will be sure to pass the word along and allow any Explorers help us rebuild. You have my gratitude.”

They watched the pair walk away to the pit, Theo’s own grip on Lapis’ hand tightening at the display of love.

“Is something wrong?” Casper asked, noticing the sudden tension in the Flaaffy’s posture. 

“I-It’s nothing. Let's help out the best we can, o-okay?”

Casper nodded eagerly, asking to assist a nearby ‘mon with too many plates to handle by themselves. Theo was nervous but quick to follow suit with little Lapis holding onto his tail with a beaming smile on her face.

The duo helped as much as they could from carrying heavy platters to hungry ‘mons, to providing information about their guild and how they function. Words of praise and happy laughter from the satisfied Pokémon warmed the Flaaffy like no other.  

After the work was done, Theo settled around the fire pit with Lapis sitting beside him. They awaited for Casper to return with some well deserved sweets for their hard work. But the Meowth seemed preoccupied with others... 
Rough Sands (Cookout + Winning Hearts)
Time of thee essence so sorry if it isn't how I normally do things~

Team Apps: FD ( and DL (

Rewards: A recruitment slip for both (Cookout)
Winning Hearts earns them an Expedition Hat!

“This is some good old quality bonding, isn’t it? Tied up to some cactus with a bunch of bandits! Gee, Ven!” The Combusken yelled, thrashing against the rope that bonded.

The Weavile snorted, a puff of frost escaping his nostrils at her remark. “If you keep that up, you’ll-”

“Ow!” She exclaimed, thorns pricking her hide.

“I was about to warn you,” the Weavile said dryly, focusing on an escape route. His claws were bound in a way that he had no way of using them to cut through the rope as well as the rope being too low for him to bite through. His eyes lingered on the duo of bandits that remained with them, a Rattata and a Krookodile; the croc more annoyed by the second as the fowl went on with her complaints.

“This is just great! I go on this epic trip with the both of you and somehow this happens! I should have expected this! You always get in trouble somehow!”

“I almost had them! Then you ruined my plan by tagging along!” He barked. He thought he lost her in the crowd yet she proved hard to be rid of like usual. “It was suppose to be an easy patrol route ‘round the Fields! Why you follow?!”

“‘Cause you left me there all alone! Why else!?”

The two continued to bicker among themselves, ignoring their two spectators who gritted their teeth with annoyance.

“Will you two shut up!?” The Krookodile roared, looming over them. Pairs of jagged teeth jutted out of his narrow snout, making the Combusken shiver. Her fear was brief as she fumed by the Weavile’s side, heat rising.

“Like you scare me, ya overgrown lizard!” She spat, small embers, the tiny flames landing on the rope.

A snap, a claw free. It took the Weavile no time at all to rake through the rope, shredding it like paper. The Krookodile was unprepared when the weasel sprang into action, tackling him into the sand. When he would have gotten up, a claw pressed to his jugular, the lethal points threatening to tear.

“If I catch you here again, I’ll make sure to make a tiny slip down there. Say goodbye to having any kids,” the Weavile murmured darkly. “We have a understanding?”

“Y-Yeah! Don’t do anything!”


The Krookodile didn’t have enough time to see the blow coming. Last thing he saw was a frost coated claw heading straight towards his face.

Ven stood up fully, shaking his claw from a brief amount of pain. “Damn. Does he has metal in his head?” When he looked up to survey the area, the Rattata was nowhere in sight. No doubt after seeing his leader down had sent him scurrying away.

“That’s enough adventure for me tonight,” Chérie said sourly, brushing off the sand on her feathers.

“If it wasn’t for your fire, we would be still stuck in that jam there,” Ven nudged her playfully, voice filled with praise.

“Yeah well,” she chuckled, giving a playful slug in the arm back. “I still have to save your hide a few times, ya know.”

“Not as much as I had with you,” he reminded her. She stuck her tongue out at him childishly, starting the trek back to camp with Ven following alongside, a grin on his muzzle.


The Weavile leaned back against the tent, keeping a lazy eye peeled on the wagon of goods as his ears swiveled constantly to pick up any disturbances. ‘Mons constantly went in and out of this strange purple tent for hour something that bugged him.

What was that sneaky weasel up to? Playing the role of guard, he wasn’t so happy about the gig but at least the pay  made up for it. A small nudge perturbed him and a quick snap of jaws in retaliation was made at the one who dared touched him. A hooded figure made a loud squeal, scurrying away at the glistening fangs.

“Don’t scare off the help,” a sharp snapping voice came from inside the tent.

“Then stand out here your damn self,” Ven whispered harshly under his breath, his arms folded tightly to his chest. Tension emitted from his body as he resumed a stiff position, watching vigilantly over the camp. The night dragged on slowly, the lazy eye kept peeled open threatening to close.

A small rustle nearby, his ears twitching. His gaze shifted from drowsy to alert in an instant, honing in on the source. A Cacnea wearing a black cloth mask over his eyes stealthily approached the goods wagon he was in charge of. He rolled his eyes at the ‘mon, his idea of a challenge fading away. The Weavile slinked into the shadows, his presence undetectable.

“Who knew other cities had rich folk?” The Cacnea snickered, vines snaking their way through the goods. “If the boss sees th-” A claw clamped tightly over his head, choking fear cutting off his words. He froze as he was lifted in the sky, his face brought to the threatening jaws of another.

“Are you trying to steal what’s mine?” Lethal words, sharp as daggers, a chill from the ‘mons breath blowing into his face.

The cactus-like ‘mon shook his head. “N-N-No!”

“I don’t believe you.” A gust of frost coated the bandit, leaving the 'mon frozen into an icicle. The Weavile discard his handiwork like trash, ears swiveling at another sound source.

“I do believe I did get the right man for the job,” a small chuckle followed by a slow clap of applause.

“Reuben,” Ven said dryly. The sight of the snotty weasel irritated him. He dealt with his type before and he knew their true nature.

“Do not fret,” the Mienshao hissed, his paws inside his sleeves. “I have another job that may suit your skills and I’ll pay you in untold treasures you have never laid your eyes on.”

The Weavile’s eyes narrowed at the proposal, wary of the sly tone within the weasel’s voice. “No thanks. I don't need anymore trouble. Use one of those poor saps that's been coming constantly in and out of your tent. I'm sure Robin will love to hear about this.”

Reuben clenched his jaw, glaring at the Weavile venomously. “I have power, boy. You have no idea who are trifling with. Keep that enormous nose of yours out of my business. Here is your due” -he carelessly, rudely, tossed a couple coins towards the Weavile, forcing to the dual type to pluck them from the air- “Now get out of my sight.”

Ven gave him a smirk, lowering into a mock bow. You'll get what's coming to you, asshole. 
Dusty Trails (Cactus Fields General 2 + Bonus)
Woo. I feel.. tired.
Team App:
Reward: 3 Star coins and 3x Spelon Bombs for Patrolling! +3 stars coins for Strike Bonus!
Npc Chérie the Combusken belongs to me

The Weavile cringed, muzzle crinkling, a tingling sensation within his nostrils. The scent of spice was potent in the air; lingering in the hallways as they kept an even pace. He glimpsed at his sibling, to see if she was sharing the same experience as he was. She seemed blissfully unaware of his agitation with a smile on her beak, swinging her arms back and forth as she walked.

“How can't you smell you that?” he grunted, covering his nose.

“You mean the spice? It's not that strong,” she answered, her casual words earning a look of disbelief from the Weavile. “You’re just being a baby. I'm just more interested in what they got cooking back there! It smells really good!” She chirped excitedly, increasing her pace.

“It's burning my nose. Like someone just dumped it all on the food.”

“Well maybe that's how they eat ‘round here. I heard they like a lot of spicy things here. Maybe they use a lot of Figy berries. Figy berries are filled with spice so chances are they used that to add some zesty flavoring,” she explained. “But this is making me very hungry! C’mon so we can help and eat already!” she complained, grabbing ahold of his arm.

With a half hearted growl, he allowed her to tug him through. He hardly wanted to break the fragile truce they had going. She was actually speaking to him, even touching him like old times. He desperately wanted things to return to how they were. But there was no going back. Only forward. His eyes averted to the floor, brows knitting together. But I can try to fix the damage I did…

The sounds of pots and dishes clanging broke into his thoughts. Frowning, he looked up only for his frown to deepen. Several Pokémon were busily rushing about the kitchen space from carrying plates filled with food to be catered to impatient Pokémon outdoors, dirty dishes that needed to be washed, and food that still needed to be prep. Commands were rang out from others to increase the pace, to clean faster. An efficient organized workforce.

“If they think they can just bark orders at me... They have another thing coming,” he groused. His hackles rose when a ‘mon brushed too close for comfort, carrying platters filled with strange squared bread he never seen before with a hint of sweetness lingering from them. The amount of Pokémon in a single space perturbed him, his lips peeling back slightly in a threatening display.

“Don't be a sour puss, Ven,” Chérie chided, tugging him to an empty station, but not without some resistance as he dragged his feet. “We all gotta pitch in for something. I heard there's a neat reward if we help,” she nudged him playfully. By the slight rising of his ears, she mentally cheered, knowing she had successfully gained his attention.

“What do I have to do…?” He didn't know the first thing about cooking. He stared at his claws, the sharp points skimming the surface of the table. What the hell can I do with these?!

“Well…” Her beak purged, eyes roaming the room. All she needed was a simple task, something he shouldn't have a big problem doing. Her eyes landed on the dish station. She silently shook her head. What he damaged the delicate dishware with his claws? They would never hear the end of it! “How about you cut some berries with me?” It was the best idea she could see him doing and he would be helping at least instead snarling at everyone at each waking turn.

“Which ones?” The distaste was obvious in his voice. More spice would make him more nauseated than before.

“I bet you haven't tried any of these! Don't knock ‘em till you try ‘em!” Fishing in a basket nearby, she pulled out a meatroot. “I know you love these, don't ya’?”

“I don't like ‘em,” he replied, filled with bitterness. “I eat them ‘cause I have to. Closest thing to meat than I can get. Nothing compared to the real thing.”


“C’mon. Let's do something before someone actually says something to us.”


“Can't believe I'm catering to these-” Ven hissed as a sharp jab to the side cut him off mid-sentence. He nearly fumbled with the platters on his paws but he managed to right himself before any precious food could fall in the sand. He glared at his sister who was at first was apologetic before looking stern.

“You have to be a good representative for the guild! Remember? You see Brutus is being a good one,” Chérie said sternly, pointing at the Bouffalant among others near the fire pit. He was at ease, chatting with the locals with familiarity.

“He's been here before so it's easy for him to slip right in like he's one of them,” Ven grumbled.

“Then try better to fit in!”

“It's not my thing,” he shrugged. He remembered seeing a familiar Quilava and company within the kitchen. He spoke with him once before but the thought of entering a lecture was something he was not in the mood for. Especially with that Breloom alongside making it bound to happen.

“You gotta make friends somehow! What about Alice?”

He came to an abrupt halt at the name, ears erect. Heat rushed to his ears and face. “W-What? H-How the hell do y-you know?!” He sputtered.

A sly smirk appeared on her face. “I knew it! You met someone! You were talking in your sleep! I told you not to drink cactus juice, you dumby! And look what happened!”

He ignored her excited clamoring, trudging ahead. He knew better to encourage her but it was already too late. The curious twinkle in her eyes. He knew he would hear constant begging until the night's end.

“C’mon who’s Alice?!” She chirped, catching before he could set the platters on the table. “Is it that Sneasel I saw ya’ with...before?”

His ears flickered at her hesitation, at the sudden disquiet in her voice. No doubt she was remembering his disheveled appearance. He smoldered with resentment, recalling the events that led to that. The burns hidden beneath barely grown new fur ached in remembrance.

“She is. She helped me a lot. Got a problem with it?” He said sharply, words a growl.

She flinched, inching back from his sudden hostility. “N-No… I-I mean.”

“Stop stuttering and spit it out.”

“I thought you h-hated S-Sneasels…”

He hesitated. Do I really hate them..? There were several he could name off his claws that did him wrong in the past. But it was only those select few he truly despised. “I don't… hate her. So...I don't hate all of them,” he found himself whispering. Without another word, he set the platters on the table, leaving her alone.

There was still work for to do. A simple patrol around the site. Anything to blow off steam. 

Dusty Trails (MT: Cactus Fields Cookout)
Meh I'm rushing but I need to finish something lD
2nd Part to the Cookout is here:
+Recruitment Slip!
Npc Chérie the Combusken belongs to me

The Weavile dragged his feet along as he made his way up the trail. His eyes were shadowed, his ears drooping further than normal as he carried what little belongings he had. He hadn’t expected a strange sensation, a sense of loneliness gnawing on his being. When he walked out the apartment at the break of dawn, he carried his head high with pride. Now he gave pause, turning slightly to gaze at the city with a wistful glance. Yet why did it feel as if he left a piece behind?

A disgusted rumble resonated from his throat at the mere idea. There was no time for sediments. He had plenty more to deal with on his current course. She made her choice when she stayed. Not my fucking problem. Satisfied, he righted his slouching posture to one of confidence as he trudged along the path. He continued for a while, slowly down as his eyes narrowed on a particular tree. He brushed a paw against the harsh grooves; the angry claw marks that marred the tree deeply. Not his best work. He inhaled deeply, detecting a small hint of his old scent lingering.

Glancing to the side, his sharp eyes took notice of a hidden grassy trail that splintered off from the rest. Freshly new tracks imprinted the ground.

“I thought I told them to keep their tracks hidden,” he muttered, placing leaves over them.With a rumbling sigh, he traveled silently on the hidden path, his paws barely brushing against the soil. He scented no newcomers yet he remained vigilant, his ears swiveling constantly. Only the common chirps and peeps of neighboring Fletchling and Starly. His tongue suddenly flashed out to lick his maw, fresh eggs on the brain. The bitter taste of coffee lingered, appeasing his hunger to an extent.

He shook his head sternly. No distractions. As he entered the clearing, the wistful look returned in his crimson eyes. The base remained the same as it always has been. A small breeze blew by, the weasel breathing in the site.

“Home,” he said quietly. A small smile touched his maw. To use that word. It felt so right. Nothing felt so closer to a home than this place. He paced around the building, his paws brushing against the wood. “I made this with my own claws…”

Resting his head against the surface, he inhaled once more, the tension ebbing away.“Damn. I didn’t think I would miss this place so bad,” he chuckled, the sound lacking humor.

“Ven…?” The voice was quiet, timid, unsure.

Angry snarls and growls rose in his mind at the disquiet voice. Flashes of red and brightness. Groaning, he clutched his head, waiting for the disturbing events to pass. A presence came closer. Startled, a snarl emitted from his throat, claw poised to attack. A shriek had him motionless, the cowering form of a Combusken before him. Eyes widening, he lowered his claw to touch. She flinched at the sight, shielding her face. What the hell?


He stared past, at the Bouffalant behind the fowl, buffalo’s amber gaze tense. The buffalo motioned, shuffling around the building. He wanted him to follow?

He glanced at the Combusken, ignoring the pain in his heart at the sight of her frightened pose, following at the Bouffalant.

The tension in the air was obvious as the two stared off. “Look I under-” the Weavile began.

“Be quiet.” The Bouffalant commanded, his eyes heated. “You do not get to excuse yourself out of this, Ven.”

Ven’s anger rose in response. “Like hell I was going to! Before you get on my ass about what’s right and wrong, did you her side of the story?!”

“She will not tell me. She has yet to tell anyone.”

Then I’m back at square one…

“There were other means than getting yourself into a fight over such things.”

“Oh gee! What was I going to tell my sister’s kidnappers?! Sit there and wait while I get the authorities?!” Ven said sarcastically with a sneer. “I did what any ‘mon would do! I fought! I fought for her!”


“Yeah! Why the hell else would I bother with a fight?! I might fight for the hell of it sometimes! But not in fucking public!” He knew better to not call unneeded attention to himself nowadays. Not since his run in with that Persian recently. “I have the Explorers and the Hunters watching my ass for stupid reasons. I don’t need anything else,” he spat, folding his arms tightly to his chest. His nostrils flared as he recalled the feline’s foul stench. There would be no mercy if he caught the feline out astray.

The Bouffalant gauged the Weavile’s temperament. All and all, his partner felt the same yet he sense something different about the weasel. A slight shift from the normal.

“Are you alright?” His question was met with a silence. Only a mere squint in Ven’s eyes, his grip tightening over his belongings. The small action conveyed it all to him. “Do you want to explain to me who that Sneasel was we saw with you days ago?” He thought it best to ask now, erase the stress in his partner’s eyes. However his words gained attention from the Combusken, who gazed curiously at the Weavile.

Ven’s fur prickled as he felt their stares on him. Heat rose in his cheeks as they observed him. He was relieved his dark fur hid the obvious telltale of embarrassment.

With a sharp hiss, he turned away from them. “She’s a f-friend…?” His voice was quiet, the words unsure. He was confused as to what their relationship was at this point. Friend? Was she a friend? She didn’t feel like a stranger to him at this point. They shared some secrets, unknowingly and willingly. She helped him out a terrible bind, suggested a place to stay… She helped him like no other would do for him.That’s what friends do right? He was hesitant to look back. No doubt they looking at him with disapproving.

Slowly, he looked from the corner of his eye. He blinked. The surprise was evident on their faces, no doubt they thought him incapable of earning a friend. The thought should have angered him. In fact it did.

“What?!” He barked when they stared for much too long. “You thought I could make a friend, didn’t you?!” He pointed angrily at the Bouffalant. “I did it! I made a friend! How do you feel about that?!”

“I am… proud.”

“I kne- What?!” Ven faltered, his face dumbfounded. That was definitely not what he expected. The Bouffalant’s eyes shone with honesty. He wasn’t lying and that only made him feel even more lost.

“I am proud that you have made a friend, Ven.” The Bouffalant repeated.The Bouffalant’s eyes shone with honesty. He wasn’t lying and that only made him feel even more lost.

“I am proud that you have made a friend, Ven.” The Bouffalant repeated. “To tell the truth… I was afraid you would never gain a friend. But to hear that you have. I am happy for you.”

Ven felt his heart tighten at the humble words. “Yeah, sure…,” he muttered under his breath, eyes planted on the ground, a claw placed around the vicinity of his constricting heart.

“Are you ready?”

Ven knew immediately what he meant. “Yeah. It’s time to get this show on the roll.”

There’s nothing left for you there. Why must you keep looking back instead of forward?

Chérie watched wordlessly as her sibling quietly gathered his things. They were told to pack light but she kept supplies on her. No telling what they might run into on the journey. He was uncharacteristically silent since their meeting. A distance gaze in his eyes whenever they laid on her. A small snort escaped him before he moved on to his task. That was all she received him. No hello. Nothing.

Inside she was furious yet grateful. There was a lot she wanted to chatter to him, about what transpired that day. But… Her gaze moved the Bouffalant keeping a vigilant look on the both of them. Brutus was not going to let the both of them out of his sight anytime. A small sigh escaped her. I can never escape someone’s constant watch…

A claw suddenly appeared in her view, startling her. She looked up, his crimson eyes on what she held. The worn black cape he dropped that day. He expected it back? She turned wistful. The old clothing gave her a sense of courage. She could do anything with it.

There was a slight tightening in his eyes. “Keep it. I don’t need it,” he said quickly, his voice gruff.

She straightened up, relieved to hear him speaking to her. Just as quickly however he dismissed her, his back to her. Clutching the cape closely, she watched mutely as he strolled outdoors without another word. Brutus silently followed after, bags tied to his side, signaling her with a look.

With a final parting look of the room, she quickly followed after, tying the cape to her neck. Anticipation build in her as she stepped out into the golden rays of the sun. There was a long journey ahead and she couldn’t wait to lay her eyes on the scenes!

Dusty Trails (MT: Geoda Tasks Prologue)
Let's get this show on the road ~

Team App:
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Maybe some of my friends as well... 
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