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Welp as the title states, I am looking forward to RPing with you good folk and building relationships with my darling Rhodes here~ I only have a few rules and such before you approach me for a good RP!

- I prefer Google Docs and Notes as a location for RPs! No Skype as I prefer not to share that except for a select few.

-My answers may be slow! I work full time and I am working on a personal project as well so don't expect me to actively reply frequently! And I can only take so many at a time! Sorry but them the breaks! The Status of Relationships and Number of Active Going RPs will be in the description once I get finished with this and get some RPs going!

- I only RP in Paragraph Style. I do not allow Script or anything other form of RP format. I am not sorry but I can only work in Paragraph format. And no short replies please because it does not help me to proceed forward with a decent reply.

-While Rhodes may be friendly, he isn't one to be idly standing around and interactive willingly. He likes to actively keep himself busy while he gathers material for his work. If you come to him dressed in rags however he may be a whole lot willing to work with you, even try to fix you up!

-I will also like to plot with some of these RPs prior hand as this is his first time in the country. Show him around! Present new things to him! 
RP + Relationship Tracker
Current RPs:

From Rag To Fab: Rhodes + Callias (Ongoing)


“I can not bare to take another step!” The Jolteon complained dramatically, nearly tumbling back on his fuzzy rear, ragged with exhaustion. His ears flopped at the  side of his face, the hare brushing aside the bang from his eyes to glare at the sun rising over the horizon. “You couldn't give me a few more moments of night…” The hare enjoyed the soft glow of the moon more so than the harsh light of sun. He walked for hours without rest, sensing his destination was close. He rummaged through the small sack he kept covetously at his side. His precious supplies, his cherished tools he needed to thrive and make a living for himself.  His ears drooped even further than usual, the thoughts of home lingering in his mind.

Perhaps I left a tad too early. I hadn't the chance to tell Mother goodbye. Only a simple note was left in the wake of his departure.

‘I am going to find my own place in the world. I love you very much and I give my very best wishes to you, my beloved parents.’

He continued on his trek, lost in his thoughts, the ground shifted from earth to cobblestone, his ears perking at the new sensation beneath his paws. He was close, anticipation rising in him. He quickened his pace, nearly running the incline. A new country, a new start! He could smell it!

His excitement waned at the sight of palace. More so at the houses surrounding the grand place, signs of decay and debris around some. He pinched his nose. That wasn't the smell he longed for, his face twisting with disappointment.

“I was expecting something... better,” he breathed, disgust coloring his tone as he cautiously strolled through the street. If not for the decaying houses, he would have thought the country to be suitable for a mon as such as he. Now he was having second thoughts, biting down on his lower lip nervously. With each step, he neared the palace. He immediately noticed the somewhat intimidating guards placed at the entrance giving him a moment's pause.

He inhaled deeply, steeling himself. No use to acting like a Torchic now. Face them! He convinced himself, approaching the gates.

The guards immediately reacted, halting his advancement with a glower. “What are you doing here?” One of them asked roughly.

“I-I’m trying to become a citizen of your fair country,” the Jolteon laughed nervously, attempting to lighten the tension he felt in the air.

“Ah… well I suppose that you should speak to the king then. You may pass through; follow the great corridor and tell the other guards at the end why you are here.”

He heaved a sigh of relief at their words, nodding in thanks, as he proceed forward, following their instructions. As the one mentioned, he saw another pair of guards blocking the way, stepping forward at his approach.

“What brings you here, stranger?” One of them asked.

“To become a model citizen for your country,” he bowed slightly, sensing his goal closing in.

“Very well. Wait here a moment.”

He turned briskly, moving through the door behind him. It was a brief moment before returned with a Kricketune at his side.

“Hello there,” the Kricketune chirped, “I was told you are here seeking citizenship, is that right? With all due respect, may I have your name?”

“My name… is Rhodes,” the Jolteon reluctantly gave up, withholding his surname.

“Ah, what a lovely name that is. My name is Gaius. I am the king’s advisor. The king will want to see you, but I have a few questions before we begin. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Ah yes. To judge my worth? Then please do so. You will not find any reason to not allow me entry, I hope,” he added with a sheepish grin.

“First, please allow me to ask, where exactly are you from?

“I come from Artiphron! The home of the precious trade and other interesting things as well,” he spoke with fervor, his love for his country evident as he puffed out his chest.

“Ah, that is interesting. I hear it is beautiful there in the spring. Is that where your family is from?”

The Jolteon expression faltered at the question, turning completely withdrawn. “Needless to say, I would say t-they b-belong to the same area I hail from. Why a-ask that?”

“Oh, that is fascinating! I trust you don’t think I am pressing for too much information. Sometimes my curiosity gets the best of me. Now, how about we continue with these questions? Tell me about your history. I would love to know some more about your background.”

Rhodes began to glare at the Kricketune for his idle curiosity. They were not friends or anything of the sort to warrant such questions. His gaze quickly darted towards the guard with a small sigh. He understood the need for such, to ensure they do not allow any unsavory strangers.

“I am but a Tailor. No, a glorious tailor!” Rhodes exclaimed with passion. “I aim for my wares and style to worn by the greatest of all! Alas I am only starting a new in this fair country of yours if allowed entrance. I want to build a name for myself, to show I am one of the greats!”

“That is an incredible tale. I hope to hear the full story sometime if you ever would be interested in discussing it with me. Now, my last question is this: do you have any items that you are bringing with you?”

Items? With a small frown, Rhodes swirled in place. “I assume you mean my clothing?” He placed a paw on his chest, displeased. “I only wear the finest of clothing that I crafted myself. My top, these wonderful tights, and the beautiful strap that proudly shows off my lineage,” he boasted.

“Hmmmm… You seem to be well prepared for whatever comes. Let’s both hope that nothing too difficult comes your way. Now, thank you very much for answering my questions. I believe that it is time for you to see the king. If you would follow me.”

Without another word, he followed, cringing at the sight of broken signs and others in rather desperate need of repairs. Even so it was as if they had yet to get to them as well, no doubt busy handling the homes outside. This country is in a more dire state of affairs than I previously had thought… At the sight of the king, the Jolteon gave pause to give give a more graceful bow for him.

“My lord, allow me to introduce to you, Rhodes. He is hoping to be given citizenship into your kingdom.”

The Kricketune moved to stand behind the king as the king’s gaze moved over him, thoughtful. He stared longer than usual before he spoke.

“Good afternoon. I understand that you have spoken with Gaius and he has already asked you a number of questions, but I have a few more to ask. I would first like to know this: how did you come about finding my kingdom?”

“My dear mother told me of your kingdom and I sought it out immediately.”

“Very good. I understand that this is a seemingly odd question, but how old are you exactly?”

“I am only a mere twenty-four, my good king. I am not too old to still be some use to the people.”

“Hmmmm… very good indeed. Now, lastly but most importantly, why exactly do you want to become a citizen in my country?

“Simply to start anew,” he said, speaking the brief version for time’s sake.

“Very well. Well, I see no issues with anything you have told me. In fact, I am quite pleased. I am glad to state that I am prepared to offer you the citizenship that you so desire. Welcome!”


Standing proudly, dignified, at a mere five feet, the Jolteon has a distinct hare like qualities to his features, his ears oval discs coming to a sharp point at the tips. His eyes drapped by a thick yellowish bang, he is occasionally forced to brush them aside to reveal a startling violet hue that stands out from his rather dark yellow pelt; adding a veil of mystery surrounding him however his expressions will surely show you his intentions as he becomes very passionate and revealing in his body language. But surprisingly, he knows his way around despite the bang obscuring his view.

Being the fashionable connoisseur that he is, his clothing matches his love of it. Oozing with pride, he puffs his chest with confidence, to show off his paw tailored creamy cofresi shirt that cuts off abruptly above his abdomen and burgundy tights below the waist. His paw delicately strokes a burgundy strap that spans diagonally across his chest, sporting an unique round golden badge with a Rose insignia embroiled in the piece, glossy under the light.

Name: Rhodes

Job Title: Tailor

Age: 24

Birthday: May 7th

Species: Jolteon

Gender: Male

Height: 2'7 (All fours) 5' (Bipedal)

Race: Artiphron

Characteristic: Somewhat Vain

Nature: Sassy

Move Set: Pin Missile, Discharge, Charm, Magnet Rise

Items: Burgundy Rose Cloth Strap, Creamy Cofresi Crop Top, and Burgundy Tights

Personality: A Jolteon who takes alot of pride in doing his works. He seems to have many faces, that of a gentleman, a smooth talker if you will, carrying himself with dignity. However for all this, he has a problem with females, chasing after them in the hopes of one day becoming married. Of course… this leads him in more trouble than he had bargained for.

History: Currently unwilling to speak of it.

“It's time for you to wake up, son. Feel the sunshine on your skin and face the new day, expecting thrills and excitement!” A woman’s soft excited voice murmured in his ears, in his mind. Too bad her excitement wasn't rubbing off on the young man as his eyes peeled back lazily to reveal a chilling blue. He was to use hearing her voice now, at times he least expected it. Taunting him in the realm of the living instead of the realm of dreams he was so accustomed to experiencing. He twisted a pencil, he scarcely remembered holding, in one hand while the other, on the lap, tightly gripped his thigh.

“I see you are finally awake, mister Vincent,” a voice called from below. His eyes shifted to the man at the center of the room, his wrinkly grey beard the only thing Vincent paid attention to. “I hope you were taking down notes like the rest of your peers,” the professor chided with a glare.

A flare of irritation rose at the sound of his name. He hated it. No. Hate wasn’t enough to describe how much he despised that name. He paused his pencil twirling, sensing his so called peers’ gaze upon him. A nasty remark rose in his throat. If not for the sharp look from his sandy blonde neighbor beside him, he would had sneered at the old professor’s teaching method. He would rather watch paint dry than hear this geezer ramble about some body part. He stopped listening when the old man reached the lower part. That's something he did not want to hear, the thought of it making him sick.

Satisfied that Vincent would no longer sleep in his class, the professor showed his back to the young man to continue the lecture, promptly missing the finger Vincent flicked off in response.

“You’re trying to get class ended early on purpose aren't you, Ven,” a quiet familiar hiss beside him.

He glanced at his neighbor, the young man glaring at him with hint of worry in his sea green eyes. “Relax Carter,” Ven murmured nonchalantly, leaning back in seat. “I know you want to pass this class so your dad can lay off of you.” He knew he wouldn't go so far to jeopardize his neighbor’s grade. No his friend’s. The man stuck by him thick and through. Least he could do was ease up on the professor. Even if he hated the old crone.

“Were you sleeping again?”

“No. I only had my eyes shut for moment,” Ven grimaced slightly, leaning forward in his seat before the professor could turn his brown hawk-like gaze back to him. “I heard her… again,” he trailed off, a small tightening in his eyes before he pretended to have his pencil skim the surface of paper in front of him for the sake of his friend.

Carter’s eyes widened slightly, filled with concern. “She say something different this time?”

“No. It was the same…,” His voice came slightly strangled with emotion, the hand on his thigh moving to rub his forehead at the throbbing pain of a rising headache. “I swear I could see her smile this time.”

“I swear ever since you got that bracelet” -Carter pointed out a golden band on his right wrist with a face of contempt- “you been hearing it more often. Almost everyday. You should take that damn thing off. It's messing you up, man.” The shadows under the man’s eyes was enough to tell him Ven lacked sleep as well.

“I’m not taking it off. It’s only thing I have left.” Reflexively, Ven circled his wrist slowly, twisting the bracelet, the small ruby dangling from it glinting in the small light that lit up the lecture hall.

Carter opened his mouth, no doubt to question his sanity, only to keep it shut as the professor glanced in their general direction once again. He kept silent but he gave Ven a meaningful look. We will be talking about this later.

With a sigh, he gave a small nod, paying attention to the studies once again. The class dragged on for a long time. For a moment he thought about going dozing off in his seat, his chin resting in his palm. Then the lights in the room lit up to his relief. He stretched languidly in his seat, easing his stiff muscles.

“Why the hell is Biology one of my requirements…”

“More like it was one of mine and you just joined along for the ride,” Carter muttered, mimicking Ven with a sigh.

“Don't say I didn't do anything for you.”

“Wouldn't dream of it.” A hearty laugh as Carter gathered his things to put in his sack. “Hey man. Whatcha think they got at the cafeteria this time?” He asked eagerly. “That mac and cheese yesterday with pork chops. Oh man…,” he sighed with longingly. “Getting hungry thinking about it.”

Ven groaned, shaking his head. “You can't be serious. That food sounds too good to be true to be sold at this college. You sure you didn't eat that for breakfast or dinner last night?”

“This is Wavisley University” -Carter spread his arms wide in the now empty classroom in a dramatic fashion- “where you can get the best education and food in the area.”

“You mean this is the only college within a 50 mile radius,” Ven uttered sarcastically with an eye roll. “No way in hell was I going to be driving any further than this. Come on though. I hate sticking around this damn lecture hall longer than I need to be,” he complained, getting out of his seat. Without another word, they strolled out the hall together, Ven with a scowl on his face, Carter grinning ear to ear at the thought of getting food.

The sight of vibrant red hair had two pausing as a young woman stood out from the crowd of students in the hallway. She appeared to be nervous, her gray eyes seeking as she pushed her glasses back to prevent them from falling off her face. Carter lit up at the sight of her, leaving Ven’s side to grab her into a tight hug.

Ven’s scowl deepened at the sight of the two sharing a personal moment, a hand tightening into a fist at his side. He thought he set aside this petty feeling, jealousy, but here it was again, rising to fore when they shared a brief kiss. Disgusted with himself, he looked away from the scene reining in emotions.

“Get a room, you guys. Your love is killing me here,” Ven grunted, relieved his tone came out light in a joking fashion he desired.

“I-I’m sorry Ven,” she stammered. With a nervous chuckle, the woman was quickly separate herself from him, her delicate peach face flushing, highlighting the freckles that spread from cheek to cheek, across the bridge of her nose. She didn't get far, Carter’s hand lacing with one of hers to keep from her straying. Her eyes darted toward Ven with embarrassment and worry.

“Don't worry about him, Lydia,” Carter assured her with a laugh. “He's just a big old baby when it comes to this type of thing. I told you when you find your girl, you’ll turn all mushy and soft inside,” he teased.

Ven gagged, rolling his eyes at the teasing. “As if. I'm not turning all soft for no one. Now can we get going already before we lose any good seats?”

“Crap!” Carter exclaimed, starting a hurried pace, bringing along Lydia in tow. It was a wonder she didn't manage to trip up at the sudden start but she was all too use to his spur of the moment moves. “I'm not losing my favorite seat this time!”


Carter gave a small whoop of victory as he claimed the table closest to the windows. Taking a seat, his eyes wandered to the others as they stood in the front of the cafe, deciding what they wanted. Lydia was torn, stuck between choosing a fruit salad or a regular salad; Ven on the other hand wasn't interested in much, bored as he stood by her side as a silent sentry.

Carter purged his lips as he scrutinized his friend with his back to him. The tension in those shoulders, his stance. More and more lately, he was noticing Ven becoming more irritable as of late. It may have been not directed towards him but it was as clear as day to everyone else, students giving the man a wider berth than usual. He could never find the time to sit down with him, to talk about these issues. But it was difficult. Ven would always find a way to dodge the subject or weasel his way out of the conversation. His brows furrowed. Just more and more stress each day. Surprised he hasn't cracked.

When the two of them came back to the table, with food in tow, he relaxed as Lydia quietly slid in beside him with Ven sitting from across. Wordlessly, Ven slid his tray to him, his eyes immediately darted towards the window that led outside. Carter’s mouth watered at the sight of a burger and fries before him.

“Cheeseburger and fries!” His eyes sparkled as he bit into delicious juicy goodness. “Bless this cafeteria…” He murmured between bites with happiness. Munching with delicate, his eyes drifted to the window, curious what drew Ven’s attention. The mountains and the forest in the backdrop was breathtaking to newcomers but to them it was same old thing they were accustomed to seeing each day. But snowflakes danced in the air before landing the dull grass.

“Isn't it only August?” Carter frowned, his eyes drawn to the snow.

“They did say it might be snowing this week…,” Lydia chimed in, captivated by the snow herself.

“Guess they were right for once,” Carter huffed, resuming where he left off.

The sharp sound of the seat scraping against the floor. He looked up in time to see Ven on his feet, his face tense. “What's up?”

“I have somewhere I need to be,” Ven said curtly. Before Carter could ask what, he was already walking away with a brisk gait.

“What the hell…”

“Was it m-me?” Lydia asked.

“No. No,” Carter assured her, his free clean hand lacing with hers. “He's just going through some things. That's all.”

She hesitated, her hair tumbling in front of her eyes as she hung her head low. “...I think I m-might be ruining your relationship with him,” she admitted near silently. “I-I feel it with him. He's just so…”

“Go ahead.”

“L-Lonely. I always g-get that impression. And then when I'm with you and he's h-here, the feeling only g-gets worse…”

Carter purged his lips, his gaze in the direction Ven had departed. Outside. He wasn't going to finish the rest of his classes. His eyes narrowed, his frown deepening. “I tried. You can never say I didn't try to reach you,” he muttered more so to himself before he heaved a sigh. “You know how hard it is trying to get things through that thick skull of his. It's draining…”

A quiet touch on his hand. “But you’re the only one he’s let in, aren't you?”

He snorted. “I don't know if letting me in” -he made quote marks in the air, his voice filled with bitterness- “was part of the bargain. More like he dumped his burdens on me.”

“You're still his friend though. No his best friend… You been with him through high school. I seen your relationship with him.” She stifled a laugh as she recalled one of the silly bets the duo would get themselves into. “It's almost like you’re his brother, you know.”

“I have a little brother and he's less work. Maybe even slightly more fun.”

“Carter,” she said sharply, his lips thinning.

“I get where you’re coming from, Lydia,” he said, gently placing a hand over hers. “I’ll stop by his place when I'm done talking things over with my dad later on.”

“Is there something wrong?” The sudden bleak tone in his voice disturbed her. She found her hand curling over his, giving it a small squeeze of assurance. He returned the gesture, giving her a small smile. It wasn't a happy one and that bothered her even more.

“No. Nothing.”

The small tightening in his eyes told her different. “Why won't you tell me the truth?” The words tumbled out before she could stop them, her eyes widening with alarm.

He stiffened in his seat, mentally cursing himself for slipping up. She was much too observant, too sensitive, so intuned with him that it was difficult to mask his feelings from her.

“My dad is just putting a lot of pressure on me cause, you know, college.” College was just scratching the surface but judging by the the relief in her face, his answer had sufficed, enough for her to relax. He couldn't ignore the small twinge in his heart at his vague answer. You deserve so much more… He thought, filled with shame.

“I hope he eases up on you, Car.” She squeezed his hand once more, this time to comfort, as she leaned close to give him a small peck on his cheek. “I have another class to go. I'll see you after my class ends?” She asked, hopeful.

The sharp pain in his heart was instant at the sight of the hope in her eyes. To dash them away. “I can't. I have to go straight home after class. I know. I'm sorry. You know how my dad can get. I really want to walk you to your dorm at least. This weather could get worse an-” He rambled until a finger pressed to his lips to silence him.

“Carter, it's fine,” she chuckled at the surprise on his face, wrapping her arms around him in a soft hug. “I understand what you’re going through. I'm a big girl now so you don’t have to worry,” she murmured into his shirt, rubbing small soothing circles on his back. How much that calmed him now, the tension ebbing away. “We’re not in high school anymore. Just one day isn't going to kill you or me.”


“Shh. I need to get going now. I'll be fine. Don't get mad at your dad or anything. You know he means well. And Ven… Please try to contact him today. I'm really worried.” She held onto him for a moment longer before releasing him. Waving goodbye, she gathered her things, giving him a wistful look as she rushed off to class to leave him in his lonesome.

Frustration had him clenching his teeth as he rummaged through his pocket to pull out his phone. “First dad. Now Ven? I can't catch a break today,” he nearly growled to himself, his appetite gone as he shoved away the remainder of his food. It didn't look so appealing any longer. He raked a hand through his hair, exhaling sharply through his nostrils. “Just another long day,” he muttered, his fingers easily typing out the message on the touch screen.

'Stay at home. I mean it this time. I'll stop by later on today to talk to you. Don't do anything stupid before I get there.' Do you want to send this message to Ven?
Moonlight Brigade: Chapter 1
This is the first Chapter of my story Moonlight Brigade. After some advice I decided to post it here to give it a shot. Tell me what you think and I hope you can sit back enjoy at least~

All the Characters in this Chapter belongs to me
This status thing is soooo dumb

“We should take part in the cookout!” Casper chimed, staring eagerly at the Flaaffy. His tail swayed side and side rapidly as he sat on all fours. The Flaaffy barely got his bearings around the tent before he turned at the Meowth, his orb illuminating the small space with its soft alien lime glow.

“I-I don't k-know,” the Flaaffy stammered, fluffing out a pillow. “W-We only just 7

“But the cookout is tonight! I doubt they’ll hold another tomorrow. Ol’ Luke is giving out a reward for folks who are helping out! It’ll look good for the both of us! Even Lapis here can pitch in!” He gestured towards the Squirtle. The Squirtle glanced up at her name only for her to stick her tongue out at the Meowth. She still doesn't like me, huh?

Theo risked a glance at the Squirtle who went back to humming after her small act of dislike. “B-But w-we’ll be out in public… With so many other ‘mons… What if something h-happens...,” the words tumbled out before he could stop them. He hadn't meant to voice his fears but it came out nonetheless, leaving silence in its wake.

“Silas isn't here,” Casper stated bluntly, naming a protector of the two. “You gotta be able to handle things yourself now. Especially with Lapis here. I'll be there to help but ya’ know…”

“I-I have to do things myself now…” At a young age, he was always looking after himself and no one else. Shifting his attention to the giggling child playing with the sand, he bit down on his lower lip nervously. Now he was not only responsible for himself but for Lapis as well. “I-I appreciate your help,” he murmured in thanks.

Casper’s mismatched eyes shimmered. “Course! I scratch your back and you scratch mine! We both helped each other in our bad times…,” he trailed off, his tail slowly its rapid wag as his face lowered. “I thought I would never… get outta that slump. And with her…,” he trailed off, ears drooping further than normal. Concerned, Theo moved but paused as his friend quickly perked up to his normal cheery self. “It's fine though! Like I said, we have each others back!” He exclaimed, paw reaching out.

With a light smile, Theo met him halfway, grasping his paw lightly. “We do… We’ll go. I'm not sure what I-I can do but it’ll be good for Lapis to learn more…” His eyes ventured to the spot the turtle was, she was no longer there. “Lapis?!”

In a panic, he bolted onto his hooves, stomping frantically. “Lapis!” In a flurry, he rushed out the tent, calling to the youngster. He could scarcely hear Casper telling him to calm down, that they’ll find her. He was beyond listening, running along several rows of tents for her possible location.

A tiny squeal had him skidding to a halt. Eyes wide with worry, he saw the Squirtle playing with a Sandshrew of her age in the middle of a row. Heart pounding against his chest, he made his way to her, relief apparent.


The Squirtle squealed, reaching eagerly for the Flaaffy as he scooped her up.

“Don't ever leave me, okay?!” His voice fervent with worry. She looked down with regret before pointing at the Sandshrew.  “Is that your new friend?” He never seen the little guy before but the little shrew was attracted to his orb like countless others. “I wonder where your parents are…”

“Maybe they’re at the cookout,” Casper answered suddenly from the behind. Theo flinched with surprise, small sparks coming off his fleece. “Easy there. Let's bring the little guy with us. Maybe we’ll find ‘em there!”



“My baby!” A large Sandslash exclaimed, rushing towards the duo. She scooped up the shrew in her claws, holding him close. “I'm so glad I found you! And you two!” -she looked at the pair of them, eyes shimmering- “Thank you... The others thought you Explorer folk would be bad but you found my precious baby…”

“Finding things is our specialty! Even kids!” Casper was eager to say. “If ya’ have any other problems, be sure the Explores with help ya’ out, okay?”

“I will be sure to pass the word along and allow any Explorers help us rebuild. You have my gratitude.”

They watched the pair walk away to the pit, Theo’s own grip on Lapis’ hand tightening at the display of love.

“Is something wrong?” Casper asked, noticing the sudden tension in the Flaaffy’s posture. 

“I-It’s nothing. Let's help out the best we can, o-okay?”

Casper nodded eagerly, asking to assist a nearby ‘mon with too many plates to handle by themselves. Theo was nervous but quick to follow suit with little Lapis holding onto his tail with a beaming smile on her face.

The duo helped as much as they could from carrying heavy platters to hungry ‘mons, to providing information about their guild and how they function. Words of praise and happy laughter from the satisfied Pokémon warmed the Flaaffy like no other.  

After the work was done, Theo settled around the fire pit with Lapis sitting beside him. They awaited for Casper to return with some well deserved sweets for their hard work. But the Meowth seemed preoccupied with others... 
Rough Sands (Cookout + Winning Hearts)
Time of thee essence so sorry if it isn't how I normally do things~

Team Apps: FD ( and DL (

Rewards: A recruitment slip for both (Cookout)
Winning Hearts earns them an Expedition Hat!
Just Art of my OCs mostly lol. I'm just simple
Maybe some of my friends as well... 
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hi thanks for the watch :D
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wanna rp PMDU?
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Happy Birthday
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hey can i talk to you

just asking
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if you want to sure
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ok hi how are you doing ?
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Doing okay here and you?
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